About Us

CastleGate Knife & Tool is a family-owned full-line knife store in Sedalia, Colorado, located at the base of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Service You Can Trust

You can buy a knife from just about anywhere. So, why should you buy from CastleGate?  Simply put, we offer the best customer service and expertise in the industry. CastleGate is a family-owned business that operates a fully modern business that is still grounded in the traditional values of customer service, honesty, respect, and a love for all things knife-related.

We offer:

  • Retail Sales,
  • Consignment Sales,
  • Knife Sharpening & Care,
  • Gift Cards,
  • and more…

Quality Brands & Products

We carry only the finest brands and products in each category and price point. CastleGate is an Authorized Dealer for every brand we sell. We only purchase directly from the factory or their authorized distribution. This guarantees you that the knife you buy is the knife you get; no counterfeit, clone, or cheap knockoff knives. CastleGate sells knives ranging in price from $19 to over $4,500. But, the one thing they all have in common is quality. More specifically, the knives we sell are made to last and are made to be reliable and dependable. You can trust our products to be there when you need them, even when your life depends on them. If not, it doesn’t make it into our product line.


Sammy the Samurai Guarding the Store

Photo: Sammy the Samurai Minding the Store

Our Team

  • Hal Van Hercke- Owner & Founder
  • Brent Hargrave - Knife Guru
  • Linnea Van Hercke – Customer Care and Administration
  • Anna Van Hercke - Social Media 
  • Sammy the Samurai – Store Mascot


Giving Back

Giving Back to Veterans

We are a Veteran-owned business and we support our veteran and first responder communities buy offering priority service and shipping, a 10% discount on all items, and  by donating to local veterans organizations.

Giving Back to the Local Community

We live and work in Sedalia and Castle Rock Colorado. We support the numerous events, charities, and family friendly events in Sedalia throughout the year. We also support Dads of Castle Rock (DoCR) a local charitable community service organization.

Supporting US Manufacturing

We source knives from the finest vendors from all around the world. However, we make a special effort to support and sell items made right here in the USA. In fact, we commit to carry any production brand made in the US that meets our standards in terms of: quality, customer service, and business practices.

CastleGate Knife & Tool is also the exclusive retail partner of Watchmakers USA, an organization dedicated to bringing the art of fine watchmaking back to the US and supporting over 120+ independent US-based watch companies.

                    “A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”

                                                           ~ George Bernard Shaw