The Chris Reeve Inkosi

Walk quietly, but carry a big stick. The Chris Reeve Inkosi’s is proof that classic designs are “classic” for a reason. Inkosi, meaning chief, commands attention, but do not be fooled… this blade was designed for top-tier performance.

A bit of background:

The Inkosi is a family of folding knives that will claim the position of Chief alongside the iconic Sebenza. The Inkosi features sandblasted handles, a tumbled finish drop point blade, titanium hardware and exterior accents in the Reeve signature anodized blue. Build with handcrafted care at a production level, the Inkosi continues to push the characteristics of the Integral Lock, blade strength, pivot and lock tolerances as well as overall ergonomics.

Learn more about the Chris Reeve Inkosi Family here.


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Hal van Hercke